> Bikelab Istanbul: Urban Bicycle Seminar

Bikelab Istanbul: Urban Bicycle Seminar

Istanbul’s traffic jams are legendary; the longest one on record clocked in at 72 hours 2012 on the Atatürk Bridge. The daily commute can easily suck up hours of time, its toll visible on the glum faces of passengers staring blankly out the windows of vehicles crawling along during rush hour. BikeLab Istanbul, seeks to change public perceptions of the bicycle and set the wheels in motion to create a sustainable transport system in Istanbul. NGO EMBARQ Türkiye, is partnering with Yard 9 on the BikeLab project. Tomorrows workshop, december 11, will be the second step in adressing the congestion problems by promoting the use of bicycles.

Yard 9’s Peter van der Veer and MoveMobility Tonny Bosch will both be speaking in Salt Galata, the venue of the workshop.