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Brachy Therapy Afterloader

Oncologists have three well known strategies for treating cancers: Surgery, Chemo Therapy or Radiation Therapy. All of them have serious side effects. Surgery maims the body, Chemo causes sickness and cosmetic problems and radiation is usually administred from an source outside the body with high dose rates that affects everything in its path. There is another way which is called Brachy Therapy. The Brachy Therapist using a HDR Afterloader radiates as near to the tumor as possible reducing dose rate and radiation exposure in other tissues than the tumor. The source is tiny and a series of them are stored in an X-Ray shielded Vault within the afterloader. The patient receives a series of catheters according to a carefully designed treatment plan which is the responsibility of the Oncologist. The Afterloader will sent the tiny sources to various places around the tumor and also retractes them to be safely stored in the vault. This entire proces is fully automated and is executed according to the treatment plan. Personel is not present in the treatment room.