> Creating meaningful products for other cultures

Creating meaningful products for other cultures

The Great Game 2013 is a unique international project bringing together Dutch and Turkish academic institutions cooperating and competing in a business challenge, involving international trade, renewable energy and export opportunities for Dutch design. During the Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 18-22, 2013), four mixed teams from Turkey and The Netherlands will follow a tailor-made program working and learning together to solve a complex business case provided by Yard 9.

At the same time Delft Technical University and ODTÜ (Middle Eastern Technical University, Ankara) are working on a common research project, identifying the impact of cultural differences on the perception of design. The interpretation of an object and thus the resulting meaning, is done by a person in a given context. The product meaning is therefore subjective and depends on the context and the “mental programme” of its user. To develop a meaningful (and potentially successful) product on the global market, knowledge of cultural differences and universal similarities is needed to understand how an object is interpreted in different cultures. This project focuses on design strategies for ‘design for export’ (developing products that will be used in different countries and cultures).

The eventual goal of the project is to develop a “design for export” toolkit. The framework will be used in a workshop by companies & design agencies to develop meaningful and successful products for the global market based on cultural differences and universal similarities.

Lecture ‘Creating meaningful products for other cultures’ from Turkey Institute on Vimeo.

Between 18-22 November 2013, during the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the business challenge will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Four international teams will participate in this project.

Participating institutions from The Netherlands are

  • Utrecht University for Apllied Sciences,
  • Saxion University for Apllied Sciences,
  • Fontys University for Apllied Sciences,
  • Rotterdam University for Apllied Sciences

From Turkey participation will come from

  • Izmir Economics University,
  • Izmir Dokuz Eylül University,
  • Istanbul Kültür University ,
  • Bahcesehir University Istanbul