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Reframing Studio

Founded in 1993, Reframing Studio is a design and innovation consultancy based in Amsterdam. Our team consists of  a small and dedicated group of consultants and designers working in the area of product, service and policy design. We deliver both ‘innovation process’ and ‘product development’ consultancy services. Apart from our consulting work we are also involved in education, participating in juries and committees and organizing workshops and lectures.

Our unique approach to innovation is the reframing method. Reframing is a design thinking skill as well as a strategic skill. Reframing helps designers to come up with fresh and compelling solutions that fit in a future world. Reframing helps strategists to map possible directions through strategic frameworks and identify future business opportunities. Based on a new frame of reference we translate future concepts into roadmaps and short term solutions that are attractive for people and society, profitable for companies and work in the real world.