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Bow Thrusters for Craftsman Marine

The bow thruster has become an important device when moving a boat at low speed. It makes manoeuvring easier, safer and faster. The bow thruster is positioned inside a tunnel, located in the bow. The propeller, which is made of maintenance-free synthetic material, can run in two directions, thus producing a jet flow to port or starboard. This makes manoeuvring in tight spots or against a strong current or a shifty wind, much, much easier. The industrial design of the bow thruster range is a striking and functional integration of motor and electronics in unprecedentedly efficiently housings. Unlike other bow thrusters, the moving parts are encased in a simple enclousure, making the apparatus less machinelike and giving it a clean, ‘handsomely styled’ look. The design of the accompanying control panels has the same approach. The design of the 7-blade propellor is unique and delivers a more efficient force than its competitors, gaining energy efficiency, less noise and longer battery life.

  • Craftsman Marine’s Bow Thruster Range and Control Panels was Dutch Design Awards finalist in 2010