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Van der Veer designers

Van der Veer designers has been renowned for years as the consultancy that designs bicycles and bicycle parts for Gazelle. One of their most recent achievements was the Gazelle Cabby, a cargo bike that won the 2008 Dutch Design Award. In 2004 the agency surprised the stroller market with its designs for Quinny: the Zapp and the Buzz. Worldwide sales of these models have been phenomenal.

As well as the Industrial Design Division, Van der Veer Designers has a Styling Division that conducts research into trends, creates graphic designs and colourways  for quite a number of projects. Van der Veer Designers aims to create distinctive designs—designs that surprise. We are innovators in design, functionality and material use. Our approach is creative, original and driven—traits our clients value. Well-established and ongoing client relationships are a testimony to this.