> Reframing Studio’s ‘temstem’ wins 2014 Rotterdam Design Prize!

Reframing Studio’s ‘temstem’ wins 2014 Rotterdam Design Prize!

The international jury of the Rotterdam Design Prize 2013 voted unanimously for temstem, an app for smartphones and tablets that empowers people who suffer from hearing voices to silence these, if only temporarily. The collaborative research of healthcare professionals from the Parnassia Groep and designers from Reframing Studio resulted in an up-to-date tool, which promises to have great impact on the lives of its users. We congratulate our Dutch partner Reframing Studio with this important award!

The app addresses a problem in one of the central areas of concern in design today, healthcare, and does so with contemporary media. Temstem is a language-based game, which empowers its users to actively repress the voices in their heads. Next to its distractive qualities, the app can also produce longerterm therapeutic effects; it facilitates its users to address their problem directly and take control. The app is not meant as replacement of the psychiatrist or drugs, but provides an innovative and effective tool for self-help to those suffering from this psychosis. The jury finds that temstem brilliantly demonstrates the impact design can have on real problems. The jury acknowledges that the true value of this work in progress lies in its innovative use of interaction design within a concrete therapeutic setting, which at the same time serves as continuing research platform on which therapists, designers and users are co-producers of a potentially life-changing tool. The international jury unanimously agrees with scout Caroline Hummels that temstem is an exemplary product on the nexus of research and design and therefore awards it with the Rotterdam Design Prize 2013.